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Evaportor Blower A-17 for Bus Air Conditioner Parts
Evaporator blower is important parts for truck air conditioner , bus air conditioner and truck refrigeration units .
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Product Description
Evaportor Blower A-17 for Bus Air Conditioner Parts:
Evaportor Blower -- Truck Air Conditioning System Parts and Truck Refrigeration units Parts
Evaporator Blower is a  fan that drives the wind turbine to send out the evaporator air cooler on the auto air conditioner system .
Evaporator Blower -- an important part of air conditioner system and transport refrigeration units:
Speification data of Evaportator Blower for Bus AC parts
Test Voltage 1- Load Current Load Speed 2-Load Current Load Speed 3-Load Current Load Speed 4-Load Current Load Speed Static Pressure Air Volume Noise Vibration Dimension
24v ≤ 5A ≥2000rpm ≤6A ≥2300rpm ≤8A ≥2700rpm ≤12A ≥3400rpm ≥100Pa ≥1100m³/h ≤75dB(A) ≤ 3.5m/s² 320*149*157

 Whether it is vehicle air conditioning or transport refrigeration unit, there are one piece of blower at least , and some models of auto air conditioners even have 8 piece of evaporator blowers .

Evaportator blower with good quality  can better guarantee the work of air conditioning system and truck refrigeration units .

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